As part of a massive 1.4-million vehicle recall, American Honda announced that 430,000 vehicles must be checked for possible corrosion and damage to the front driveshafts.

The issue could cause the vehicle to roll away even if the parking brake is applied. The Honda Fit, Civic Hybrid, Acura ILX Hybrid, Acura ILX and Honda Accord models are included.

At issue is long-term exposure of the vehicle’s driveshafts to road salt, which leads to corrosion. The affected vehicles contain driveshafts with protective coatings that were not properly applied when the vehicles were assembled.

When the driveshaft breaks, the vehicle can lose motive power and roll even if the parking brake is activated. No incident of this kind has been reported, the company said.

Honda Accords are also being recalled separately for the same potential driveshaft defect. The company said chemical damage and lubricant issues are the main reasons for the additional recall.

In both cases, salt is the common denominator that ultimately can lead to corrosion or rusting of the driving shaft.

Notices of the recalls are expected to be mailed out to Honda owners in February, but wait times are expected as parts become available.

Honda also recalled 737,000 vehicles over a software problem, which can cause malfunctions to warning lights, rearview camera displays, turn signals and wipers.

The recall over the programming flaw impacts the newer Honda Accord, Accord Hybrid and Insight. Owners will be notified this month and the fix is a simple software update at the dealership.

No accidents or injuries have been reported in relation to this recall.

In the final recall, Honda said 286,000 CR-Vs between 2002 and 2006 have a glitch in the power window master switch.

Honda reports that rainwater or other spilled liquids that enter the switch can cause the component to overheat, melt, damage other wiring or cause a fire.

Honda reports 16 incidents, but no one has been injured.

For a complete list of the recalls, go here.

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