The market for old car parts continues to soar, providing owners of junk cars with an opportunity to earn extra cash.

Even if the vehicle hasn’t run for years or has been totaled, there is a place for it in this booming market.

Auto salvage lots sell the parts to repair shops, who can pass on the savings to other car owners. The surge in demand for used parts is also driving the sales of junk cars.

The great news is that selling your junk car is hassle-free — especially if you keep the following tips in mind.

The first step toward earning extra cash for your junk car is to have the necessary paperwork handy. The title of the vehicle will establish ownership. Because most dealers will make a rapid cash offer, it’s important to have the title settled and in hand for a quick transaction.

Next, you should assess the vehicle and take an inventory of working and non-working components. Missing vehicle parts are taken into account once the dealer is prepared to make an offer. You should also check the vehicle’s interior condition and tires.

Be prepared to answer a couple of questions before receiving a cash offer. The company will want to know a little history, the last time it was functioning and other related topics. If the vehicle is running, you can request a closer inspection before agreeing on a price.

If you’ve thought about decluttering your garage or driveway of your junk car, you can count on Planet Auto Wholesales to make a competitive offer.

We buy junk, wrecked and totaled cars of all makes and models by weighing a number of factors.

Location, wholesale value, market demand, mileage, electrical issues and crash history are some of the factors that are taken into account before we make an offer.

Please contact us today to learn more about how easy it is to unload your junk car and walk away with extra cash.

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