The process of getting rid of your junk car is made easy and simple with Planet Auto Wholesale.

For car owners who’ve never gone through the steps to unload their used or junk cars, we put together some helpful FAQs.

What kind of vehicles are you looking for?

All of them.

From used cars, trucks and SUVs to recreational vehicles for land or water, your junk car or vehicle will qualify.

Used, wrecked or junk cars are acceptable and we’ll take them regardless of year and model.

What if the car doesn’t turn on?

That’s OK. We specialize in these types of vehicles and will be happy to take your junk car out of your hands.

Even if your car hasn’t turned on in a long time, we can work together and find a solution for your junk car.

What if the car is being financed?

Owning money on the junk car will not prevent us from striking a deal.

If the vehicle is worth more than the remaining balance, then it’s possible to make a deal for the junk car.

We can answer your questions about this situation so you can learn how easy it is to sell your used car, even when it has a loan balance.

How much will I get?

Our offers are based on prices from a proprietary database.

We can give you a rapid quote over the phone.

Once you’re ready to move on, we handle everything, including the necessary paperwork.

Just collect payment to complete the transaction. It’s that simple.

What if the car’s title is lost?

If your mind is made up on selling your used or junk car, we can work with you even without a pink slip.

Let us handle all the paperwork for the transaction and the missing document so you can rest easy.

Please contact us today to see how simple it can be to get rid of your used or junk car with Planet Auto Wholesale.

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