The holidays will arrive before we know it, closing out a challenging year.

Hopefully, the holiday season will bring cheer and hope instead of another reason to stress.

If you own a junk car, you might consider selling it for some extra cash, which could come in handy during the winter months.

Many people hang on to older, inoperable cars too long without realizing the opportunity before them. Instead of the car collecting more dust, it can be sold so you can collect some cash.

Luckily for owners of junk cars, companies will buy your junk car for cash.

Vehicles that are too expensive to repair or are no longer operable are great candidates.

These vehicles will not demand high prices on the resale market. As an alternative, you can turn around and sell your car in just a few easy steps.

The process is as easy as first answering just a few questions about the junk car.

Planet Auto Wholesale will provide a no-hassle quote. When you accept the offer, we’ll pick up the vehicle and you collect the cash. It’s that simple.

Our program takes scrap cars of all makes and models, domestic or foreign. Even if it’s not running, we’ll take it.

A variety of factors will determine the offer. Location, wholesale value, the extent of damage, and current market for the vehicle’s parts will all factor in so you get the best possible return.

Please contact us today to learn more about this easy process of getting rid of your clunker.

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